Drawing Is My Passion

My name is Donald, am a comic book artist. My mother and I first moved to New York City when I was 10 and being the loner that I usually am, hanging out with other kids was never really my forte. So I would spend most of my days in Central Park just lying around and soaking in the sun and drawing trees, flowers and other things. I loved and still love that park. One of my cousins lived in New York City and owned a comic book store and since my mother couldn’t afford a babysitter I would often get shipped off to the store every now and then. I must admit he was a bit weird (which is probably why I still like him till today) but when he had a pencil and paper in hand he would draw the most interesting, fascinating and beautiful things I’d ever seen.

One day I got enough guts and asked him to teach me how to draw in that way. Soon enough I was spending my days and nights drawing anything my eyes could master or using my imaginations of things, buildings and people. The New York neighborhood I grew up in had lots of modular homes so I would draw most of the buildings at an overhead angle. My favorite time to draw the neighborhood was during the night when everything was quiet and there was a warm glow of light emanating from the homes’ porches. It’s still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever drawn.

After a while my cousin, Dan, would take me on what he liked to call “draw-hunts”, they were like treasure hunts only the treasure would be a beautiful landscape of buildings which we would get to draw, compare each other’s drawings and then pick a winner. The Big Apple has no shortage of modular buildings with the city being dubbed the architectural hub of America. Most of my knowledge of New York comes from these treasure hunts, where I would draw anything down from the subway to the top of the Empire State Building and from the gutter to the upscale neighborhoods of the city.

Another spectacular spot I like to draw is the view of the East River from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is this particular spot in the park that is just the perfect angle where you can see the river meet the city’s buildings, at sunset the park offers a magnificent view of the city’s buildings.


Although I am passionate about drawing comics, I’m also passionate about drawing modular homes and buildings. Modular buildings have a simple but elegant nature about them which makes drawing them an easy and fun process that is fulfilling. Creating timeless unique pieces that are both beautiful and elegant by the simple stroke of a pen is what I live for.

Drawing has always been my passion and so long as New York continues to exists there will always be that thirst and passion in me that allows me to explore the city through my pen and paper.

How fell in love with drawing

Written by: Kevin Bean

As a young kid, my mom would always ask me what I wanted to be when I grew. In my mind, I knew I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse, at the very least. So you think I liked the way doctors inject young kids and other patients, right? Well, its just because my daddy died of a heart attack. Had my mom been a doctor, she would have saved his life.

Everyday, after school, I would always get myself crayons and pencils. With them I used to draw a doctor and a nurse. Though I was not so good in drawing by then, my skills were improving by the day. That’s how my journey started to becoming an accomplished comic artist.

(one of my earliest teachers… YouTube!)

Weekends were particularly the most memorable part of my childhood because I would take my fine drawings with me to friends’ homes. I vividly recall how I would gather praises from most parents. That alone gave me the morale to develop my passion further. Though I knew very well that I wanted to be a doctor, my art skills were immensely improving.

I started drawing other objects such as cars, animals, buildings, utensils and other household items at my friends’ requests. Until then, however, I was not aware that I would soon be transformed into a full time artist.

Living in Chicago’s suburbs taught me a lot. Children would always come to my home to ask for portraits and other drawings. Surprisingly, I received my pay check when I was only 10 from a neighbor of ours who asked me to draw his garden. I at once did it impressively and got a cool $ 50. Making such dollars for a twenty minute’s job taught me something about arts.

I discovered how much I could earn and contribute to meeting the daily needs of my family. As a way of encouraging me, neighbors often came home during weekends requesting me to draw various things they wanted. Pay checks started coming in regularly. I remember my mom opening me an account with a local bank. Over time, my savings increased and I’m sure they could sustain our family of four even if my mother was not working.

Through high school, orders came in abundance and I could not handle all of them Just until last year when I completed high school, I had been getting orders. As for now, I have fully concentrated on mentoring young children on how to draw comic arts, apart from illustrating comic books for children and grown ups alike. I enjoy drawing complex architectural designs and many other buildings in Chicago.

The books I illustrate sell very fast and true to my new found passion, I have made tidy savings and I am optimistic I’ll be driving my own car as soon as I obtain a driving license. Even though I did not achieve my goal of becoming a doctor, I am pleased to be making a handsome fortune in comic arts. I have also dedicated myself to teach young ones how to draw comic art just like me.

We found a new modular home! Courtesy of Ocean County NJ Modular Home Builders

We recently bought ground in Trenton NJ area and we wanted to put up a modular home. We asked friends and family for good modular home contractors. Without much direction, we started browsing reviews online and found a few people with honest feedback. We found the names of builders, well diggers, electricians and all sorts of local contractors we needed to complete the project.

Unfortunately there were a lot of negative reviews that scared us away (at first). However, we slowly read these and tried to find valuable bits of advice.

Our main goal was understanding the difference between modular homes and manufactured homes. Manufactured housing is often much more convenient (and cheaper) than modular, but the sad truth is that lots of towns in New Jersey don’t allow them.

modular homes vs manufactured

The main advantage with modular homes is that we saved a ton of TIME. Everything from site clearing to excavation, basement repair to well drilling to permits take a lot of time, and these were all streamlined during our build.

Ultimately though, we can’t tell the difference between our modular home and a site built home. A few words of wisdom for anyone at home looking to make the switch: unless you have experience and KNOW what you’re doing, hire a general contractor to handle everything. Absolutely everything.

The company we used is Ocean Modular Group, who are super friendly and professional modular home builders based out of Ocean County, NJ. As a matter of fact, there is a complete subdivision in Ocean County that consists of only modulars by this company.

We eventually settled on a medium-priced home and with a well, and we couldn’t be happier.

our new modular home in ocean county new jersey

I can’t wait to get back to drawing in my new den!

Becoming a Comic Book Artist – The Requirements Needed

Comic books have been around since the 1930s and took the world by storm. The Great Depression was still going on in the United States, and there were many people that were going through the worst period of their lives. There were hungry people in the streets, and everyone was hoping and praying that some hero would come along and make everything good again. Comic books showcased stories of people who was also going through a hard time, overcoming the hardships, and then rising from the ashes to help others, which gave people a lot of hope and inspiration.  Since they first premiered, comic books have changed a lot, and even today, they are still more popular than ever. Comic books are loved so much that many young people want to go into the industry and become a comic book artist.  For those young artists that have a talent for drawing, becoming a comic book artist has some requirements that they need to know about.

The Two Different Types of Comic Book Companies

When people first hear the two words comic books, they instantly think of two of the biggest companies, which are DC Comics and Marvel Comics. With either one of the two biggest comic book companies, the way they do comics is like an assembly line where different people have different jobs on the single comic book, and it goes from one department to another until the finished product emerges and is published by that same company.   The second kind of comic book company is one that does produce comic books, but does not publish it and uses a publishing company to release the completed comic book.  While the first company pays their employees like any other job, the second type of company has to rely on royalties for the number of comic books that get sold.  Also with royalties, the artist that designed the comic book retains all rights to their work, and before artists get involved with any comic book company, they need to make sure they understand the differences between the two types of companies and then make a decision about which one to have a contract with.

Requirements For Every Comic Book Artist

The most important requirement for a comic book artist is being able to draw people, but a knowledge of anatomy is not enough because comic books have people in different poses from standing to doing active things like walking, running, and even fighting.  Another aspect of artistic talent is to be able to draw the setting that the comic book super hero is going to be at. Comic book artists have to be able to draw things like buildings, parks, trees, houses, and other settings.

Tips for Comic Book Artists

There are many tips that up and coming comic book artists need to follow if they want to be successful. The most important advice that young artists need to take is the fact that practicing their skills is going to make them better. Artists should take a sketchpad with them at all times, and go with inspiration whenever it hits because practice is going to make them perfect.  If artists have an original character, they need to draw that character in different scenes and in different settings. Also, another excellent piece of advice is for artists to study films.  If there are comic book movies that portray a certain hero, then it is important that artists watch them so they can see how certain things are done.  Future comic book artists need to understand how comic books translate into films, and then incorporate those elements into their practice drawings.

Becoming a comic book artist is more than just signing with DC Comics or Marvel Comics, but also being good at drawing figures in different settings and poses, drawing settings that people are in, and practicing their drawing talent as much as possible. Comic books can be just as artistic as paintings or sculptures, and create stories without words.

So You Want My Job – The Life of a Comic Book Artist

There is an old saying that the grass is greener on the other side, which means that people always look at other people’s lives with envy thinking that their own lives are terrible, boring, and they are missing out somehow on all that life has to offer. However, sometimes those that are envious of someone else’s life get a chance to find out about that green grass, and sometimes they find out that the people they were envious of actually have worse lives then they do. In keeping up with that sentiment, the So You Want My Job series is a series of articles that focus the spotlight on men who are living their dream job and give everyone the chance to see whether or not the lives of other people are better than their own. The newest article in the So You Want My Job series is all about a man named Francis Manapul, who is living his dream of being a comic book artist for DC Comics. Originally from the Phillipines, Manapul is a 31 year old Toronto, Canada resident that has been working as a comic book artist since he was 20 years old. 

Manapul’s Job Description:

Manapul has been working as a comic book artist for a little over a decade, and right now is working on the popular comic book series, The Flash.  DC Comics has made a bold decision, and that was to have all 52 of their poplar comic book characters get a complete reboot. Every single super hero that DC Comics produces will get a brand new comic book series that will start over with a new first issue. As part of his job, Manapul has to take the world of the Flash and recreate it for the 21st century.

The Birth of a Comic Book Artist

Comic books entered the life of Frank Manapul thanks to his father, who used to shower his son with Superman comic books. However, once Manapul discovered that Superman was not the only comic book out there, this showed the young Manapul that there was more than one way to draw a comic book, and he has been in love with them ever since. The artwork of Jim Lee especially was inspiring to him, and by age 14, Manapul had decided that the life of a comic book artist was for him.

Training To Be a Comic Book Artist

While Manapul never attended school, he encourages people who want to become a comic book artist to attend school because it can teach the basics of all art such as how to draw and can also help them tell a story using their art.  However, Manapul does tell everyone with aspirations to be a comic book artist that even after graduation from a school; the learning never stops because there are always ways to make a good artist even better.

Advice to Aspiring Comic Book Artists

Manapul has a lot of useful advice to give to all kids who want to be comic book artists. In addition to going to school to learn the basics of drawing, Manapul also encourages kids to remember that comic books do more than just showcase great art, but they also tell a story. What makes good comic book artists is more than just their drawing talent, but their ability to take that talent and turn it into a story. Drawing comic books for a living can be a lot of work, but when talent and storytelling combine then there is no stopping the artist from living their dream and doing what they love on a daily basis.